I have definitely fallen in love with AMY APPLEBAUM’S ALBUMS…they are transforming my life…


Wonderfully improved sleep. This download has been great for improving my quality of sleep. I used to frequently wake up during the night, but listening to one of the sleep ending tracks, as I lay down to sleep, has me sleeping deeply and through the night! Listening to Amy’s calming, soothing voice is a wonderful way to drift off to sleep.


I can see the experience that Amy has. Her download,”Move Past Fear Now,” is really helpful, useful and simple to use. I’d say she’s definitely the most helpful of all that I’ve listened too.


When I purchased this product, I was skeptical, but it worked! I was shockingly surprised. I can’t describe it, I don’t remember listening to most of it. I just wake up feeling better. I told my fiancé before I listened to it that it would probably not work. I turned it on and an hour later, I woke up and felt better. Believe me, I don’t normally buy into this stuff.

David B. McIntosh

I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR HER TALENT & EXPERTISE!! I’m extremely picky about voice when I listen to any downloads. That’s why I was so pleased to discover the voice of Amy Applebaum. It’s kind, sincere & strong. She’s very focused in her presentation. The words she uses are well put together. I trust her!

Since I’ve listened to “No more Excuses”, I’ve gotten so efficient & productive I can hardly keep up with myself! Thank God! I needed a boost.

Now I’m listening to “Attracting Opportunities”. I can hardly wait to discover unexpected opportunities coming to me! Thank you Amy for sharing such a valuable tool for helping us create healthy, rewarding lives!

Kay Wagner, Yoga/Meditation Instructor

I have a number of annoying family members that trigger anger and resentment – this download helps me center. When I have a family event coming up, I put this on repeat all night. This is like a negativity bubble – their stuff just bounces off. YAY! With continued use – holidays might just be more than something I survive.


Her voice is so calming. I couldn’t tell you what all she says because I fall asleep so fast ? Great sleep and relaxation benefits.


It is relaxing and motivating. I used to get distracted easily at work, which meant I was working late to meet deadlines. Now I block to distractions and get things done. It feels so good!


I have a lot of self help downloads… and I have to say this is one of my top three favorites.


I listen to Amy every night as I’m going to sleep and I’m actually more efficient and productive during the day. It started out subtle, but it seems to keep getting better and better. It could be a total placebo effect, but either way, it’s totally worth it! Her voice is very soothing and calming too. It’s definitely worth a try!


I really like this download. It helps my daughter and I both go to sleep at night. I’m going to buy the rest of her products.


My first time using it today… after, I was less tense and really relaxed. I’m about to listen to it again.

Olivia from Philadelphia

Don’t let the price for this download worry you. I looked Amy up on other sites and reviews. Tried this product out and it’s really great! I use it when I go to bed at night, wake up feeling really good! My travel to and from work is about an hour, I work an 8-hour day and when I come home I still have energy to do more. Great download!!

Nutrition Educator

Very impressive! I’ll buy more downloads from this company… Very good!


A true gift to me!


I bought “Get Frick’n Motivated” because Amy is amazing.

Berts McGerts

WOW!! I enjoy the download. This one is THE BEST I have experienced! EZ to work, great voice, great affirmations!!! I highly recommend this if you need to Jump Start your goals!!


I have taken medication to sleep for years and because of this download, I never have to. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, it works to put me right back to sleep. Cannot do without it.


Amy has a great voice for this. Very relaxing but not cheesy. Ocean waves background noise is very pleasant and realistic too.

Pin Enthusiast

I have tried many downloads and this is by far my absolute favorite. I listen to it at bedtime to get me motivated for the next day and sleep like a baby. Wake up refreshed and ready to go and get things done. I listen to it during the day sometimes for a little extra incentive to keep going. (I just skip the intro parts so I don’t get sleepy). This has been the best download EVER to get me to accomplish as much as possible. Thanks so much Amy!


I originally downloaded “Get It Done” and listened to it for 3 weeks every night before going to sleep. Her voice is soothing and the options background noises are phenomenal. It has really been beneficial because during the day when I feel like giving up, a little urge to get it done pops up and forces me to dredge on. Since I love it so much, I recently downloaded the “Weight Loss for Women” and it’s just as excellent. Love Applebaum!


I listen to this recording to help me rest, It’s wonderful. Not quite sure how it happens, but it does. Just close your eyes, next thing, you wake up naturally. No panic, no racing heart, just well rested in about 30 min. Luv Pat

Cataract Eyes

Very relaxing with good affirmations that are helping me stay motivated and focused in order to meet my goals.


I must say I am so impressed with how well this is working for me. I use it every morning before I start my day and I have found I am more motivated than I have been in a very long time. I am no longer procrastinating on the things that I don’t want to do. Rather approaching them with a whole new mindset. It feels great to accomplish those tasks and as a result, I have more confidence in my daily life. Thank you!


I have been using this every night for about two weeks. I have four different topics and I’m feeling a difference, I feel like it’s working. It relaxes me at night so I can fall asleep. It may just be mind over matter, however it’s truly working and it will change my life and that’s all that matters.


The best I have ever used. Always skeptical, usually disappointed, have tried them all and am delightfully surprised by this simple, beautifully thought out listening experience that does not require headphones… Will absolutely get more in the series and hope she has/does one on procrastination! But I didn’t procrastinate about writing an appreciative review. Thanks so much!!!”

"K" from Eugene, OH

In just a short period of time I’ve noticed that it’s made a significant difference in my life. The confidence and money-making downloads have been especially helpful. I’ve been telling friends and family about them ever since. Thank you so much for your time, and for the benefit I’ve already gotten from your amazing meditations. Most sincerely, David

David Menconi

Just wanted to say I absolutely love this download. Amy’s voice is so soothing & comforting. Love that I am able to do other things while listening. I’m accomplishing so much more than usual. Just cannot say enough good things about it!!! So pleased!! I will be buying some of her other products as soon as I am financially able.

Jennifer Jones

I have used many other products from: Wendy Friesen, Erick Brown, Amanda Stanhope and Glen Harold and the list goes on. However, your audio and your voice are the best I’ve found. There is no comparison quality wise. So thank you very much. I believe you will have great success. I appreciate the personal service also. I’ve already purchased a couple of your products.

Ann Bray

This is by far the best quality download I’ve come across. Her voice is soothing and the music is great. It’s like having someone always available to tell you that you can do it every day!

I am more in control and mindful of what I eat and feel so much better. The options for waking or sleeping are really nice. The bonus tracks of music and affirmations are nice too. Thank you!!


This download has changed my life. I have been listening daily and my self-image has not only improved but I have been more motivated to stick with my promises regarding health eating and exercising and have lost 5 lbs because of it!

Michelle Anderson, Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor

Just listened to this last night and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It really spoke to my specific issues. I feel confident that I can finally start moving on with my life. And I loved that Amy gave some actions to begin that process. I’m jazzed and can’t wait to listen to her again!


That was my first download of No More Excuses – Get It Done and I feel great! Thank you Amy.

Jeff Piggot, Re/Max Real Estate Group

I have listened to other guided meditations but I find yours to be the best. I am able to focus a lot more and absorb your words and the information you give much easier than the other hypnosis sessions available online. I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in recorded hypnosis. Thx.


Hi Amy. I joined your meditation last night and felt fantastic afterwards! Had the best nights sleep! I’m currently wanting relief from anxiety and grief over my health issues. So in addition to practicing yoga, I wanted to add meditation as my next step. I am so glad I did! -Mandy


I listened to one of your meditations last night as I was going to bed. It was fabulous! Your voice sounds amazing and it was way better than the crap I’ve been listening to on YouTube. Wonderful. Now, I expect $1.000,000,000 to be wired anonymously to my bank account today… (I listened to one on money) (wink wink). Well done Amy!

Jill Pond

Amy, my name is Kayla Stacy and I wanted to thank you for providing me with so much guidance and support in my life. When I was struggling and going through a very difficult time, the “Letting Go of Resentment” meditation album gave me perspective and guidance on how to move forward. You have an incredible power to help other people, and have inspired me to move forward in my life. Thank you!

Kayla Stacy

I would gladly “stand up” for your product! I’m a sixty two year old, five foot 2 inch granny with an ample bust line who was 190 pounds before using your meditation sessions. I have lost 50 pounds! In addition to diet, I used your weight loss program as well as other programs from you because I felt the weight was a result of some emotional issues from my past that I was dealing with. When anyone asks me about my diet and how I did it, I always advise them that they must augment their chosen diet with your sessions. Thank you Amy 🙂

K. Weisberger

This is truly amazing I feel so relaxed confident and in charge of my own body thank you for this amazing piece of work.