Be Anxiety Free: Peace and Freedom


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Relieve Your Anxiety with Guided Hypnosis—and You Can Finally Enjoy Peace and Relaxation Today!


Do you experience irrational anxiety, stress, and fear? 

Do you worry needlessly, and find that anxiety is holding you back from your goals, damaging your personal relationships or hurting your business? Is it keeping you awake at night? Keeping you from living your life fully?

Anxiety can fill your head with fears and frustrations about what might happen, causing your mind to spin wildly, your stomach to churn, and your body to tense. You can feel lost and overwhelmed, not able to focus or control your thoughts. Or sleep through the night.

But it isn’t all just in your head…

Anxiety can affect your behavior, your feelings toward those you love, and you can even suffer debilitating physical effects, like exhaustion and high blood pressure. Real issues that can affect your health and well being.

What triggers anxiety?

The main anxiety trigger for most of us is stress—and how you react to that stress determines the level of anxiety you’ll experience. The more you engage in negative self-talk or dwell on the “worst that can happen,” the more severe your anxiety can become.

Many of us do this continuously without even realizing it.

And the more you fill yourself with these negative thoughts, the worse your anxiety becomes. It’s a vicious cycle of thought that actually makes your anxiety worse as time goes on.

“My brain’s gas pedal is stuck” 

Many people describe the feeling of anxiety as if the gas pedal that controls your thoughts is stuck all the way to floor, and the brakes don’t work. Thoughts and images flood your mind, millions of butterflies fill your stomach, and you can’t think clearly or calm down, your mind just racing and racing out of control…

You can learn to quiet your mind and eliminate your anxiety quickly and easily, today

Having the ability to quiet that negative inner voice and possessing the right tools to deal with your stress can have a dramatic effect on controlling your anxiety… even eliminating it altogether.

We all need peace and relaxation in our lives, and living with anxiety can shatter that peace.

Hypnosis can help

When you download and follow your guided hypnosis, positive verbal suggestions and soothing binaural beats will be received by your mind, releasing your stress and tension and deeply relaxing your mind and body.

You’ll quickly be able to control and relieve your anxiety completely and naturally, without any harmful drugs or medications, and in the privacy and safety of your own home.

Why suffer with your anxiety any longer?

“Be Anxiety Free” promotes inner peace, and deep relaxation.  Simply download immediately—no need to wait for a CD to be shipped—and get rid of your stress, fears, worry and anxiety right now, and embrace a healing, peaceful lifestyle today.

And you can relax… you’re in good hands:
Amy is a world-renowned life coach, NLP trainer, and Time-line Therapist. She’s worked with thousands of people just like you, and she’s taken her knowledge of success, both business and personal, and created this hypnosis program to help you release from negative blocks, help you enjoy inner peace and calm, and help you reach your life goals.

This meditation includes:

  • 2 separate endings for each guided meditations-one for waking up and one for sleeping
  • 1 set of affirmations for each meditation that helps accelerate your mindset shifts
  • 1 set of action steps to help you start MOVING forward and seeing visible results in your life
  • 1 deep sleep music track for additional relaxation when you need it.