Resolving Conflict: With Your Significant Other


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Are you going through a lot of conflicts with your significant other? We all want certain things from a relationship: friendship, affection, to feel understood, validated, taken care of, appreciated, attractive. This hypnosis program from Amy Applebaum Hypnosis will help you resolve those conflicts and get the benefits you need out of a relationship.

Amy is a world-renowned life coach, NLP trainer, and Time-line Therapist, who has taken her knowledge of success, both business and personal, and created this hypnosis program to help you release from negative blocks and help you reach your life goals.

You and partner deserve amazing happiness together, and Amy Applebaum can help you achieve that. Positive suggestions and binaural beats will be received by your mind, releasing built up resentment, frustration, and blame, and help you to just release and resolve so that you can embrace your future together.

“Resolving Conflict with Your Significant Other” promotes healing, healthy relationship practices and fills you with positive, vibrant energy. Don’t wait another day. Start resolving conflict with your partner today and build your relationship even stronger.

This meditation includes:
• 2 separate endings for each guided meditations-one for waking up and one for sleeping
• 1 set of affirmations for each meditation that helps accelerate your mindset shifts
• 1 set of action steps to help you start MOVING forward and seeing visible results in your life
• 1 deep sleep music track for additional relaxation when you need it.